The duration of blurry vision caused by a hangover can vary from person to person. In most cases, it can last for a few hours or up to a day. However, if you’re experiencing prolonged blurry vision or if the symptoms worsen, it’s important to seek medical attention. Ultimately, it’s crucial to listen to your body and prioritize your well-being when experiencing a hangover or any related symptoms, including blurry vision. It is recommended to give your body time to recover without introducing additional substances that may complicate the healing process. Adequate hydration, rest, and proper nutrition can help your body recover more efficiently and minimize the duration and intensity of hangover symptoms, including blurry vision.

Can A Hangover Cause Blurry Vision? Understanding The Link Between Alcohol And Blurred Eyesight

Learn more about the effects of chronic heavy drinking. Alcohol tends to affect the speed at which your iris constricts blurry vision hangover and dilates. A driver that has been drinking alcohol cannot adapt as quickly to oncoming headlights.

The Astonishing Connection Between Hangovers And Blurry Vision

For example, researchers found that people who have been drinking are likely to rate images as more attractive, widely known as the “beer goggles” effect. Long-term excessive drinking can lead to potential health issues, including problems with vision. Resting your eyes is another effective way to alleviate blurry vision. Staring at screens or engaging in activities that require intense focusing can strain your eyes and exacerbate the blurriness.

Alcohol and optic neuropathy

Uveitis affects the uvea, which is the part of the eye between the white part of the eye and the retina, located in the back of the eye. The inflammation can cause vision issues, as well as pain and redness. This inflammation inside the eye usually means you’re fighting off an infection, though it can also develop if you have a disease such as psoriatic arthritis or lupus. These are conditions in which your immune system attacks healthy eye tissue. At the heart of blurry vision can be a variety of different conditions. Some of these are very serious and require emergency medical care.

Risks of Long-Term Excessive Drinking

Stress causes all sorts of physical and mental symptoms, and temporary blurred vision can be one of them. Auras shouldn’t be confused with ocular migraines, a rare condition that can cause a blind spot or temporary blindness in one eye. Some people who get migraines might experience migraine with aura, which usually comes on prior to a migraine attack. Migraine with aura might affect your speech and can cause a number of vision changes, from blurriness to seeing flashing or flickering lights. If this three-layer coating is disrupted and there aren’t enough tears or the quality isn’t great, the result can be a burning or gritty sensation and blurry vision can occur.

Color vision impairment and drinking

blurry vision hangover

A large study investigating the effect of alcohol on dry eye disease found that women have a significantly higher risk of experiencing dry eye symptoms after alcohol use as compared with men. In fact, drinking alcohol did not cause any increase in dry eye symptoms for men. A doctor can provide more details about what a person can do to address their vision issues.

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Treatments for eye-related issues with alcohol

With wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the sharp central vision needed to see fine details can become blurred, distorted or missing as the macula deteriorates. As this becomes more serious, this can affect reading, driving, and even the ability to see people’s faces. SELF does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. “The extent to which your blood sugar is [changing] is different than if you were to have a well-balanced meal,” Dr. Lee explains. If you’ve ever woken up in a pile of junk food wrappers—or just, you know, overdone it on Halloween candy in a less dramatic fashion—you may be familiar with the feeling of a sugar hangover.

Could It Be a Migraine?

It is a symptom where you find you’re having trouble seeing things as sharply as you usually can, with items appearing somewhat fuzzy in one or both eyes. This article discusses what causes blurry vision and possible treatments. Blurry vision is a common condition that can occur as a side effect of many conditions. Some of these conditions are relatively minor, while others could be serious.

  • There are many reasons you might experience blurred vision in just one eye.
  • Some temporary effects occur when you drink, and other effects take time to develop and can be permanent.
  • It is worth noting that individual tolerance to alcohol can vary, and some people may be more prone to experiencing blurry vision or other negative effects.
  • Naturally, as the brain and eyes are so closely linked, our vision suffers because of it.

Alcohol and the Eye

  • We categorized the relationship between alcohol intake and ocular conditions by the type of ocular exposure to alcohol.
  • Once the person has consumed a little alcohol, the brain relaxes that control and vision problems become apparent.
  • The AMF states that it may be OK to drink a small drink (about 5 ounces) occasionally if doing so doesn’t trigger a migraine.
  • Oftentimes, blurry vision indicates the need for eyeglasses or a stronger lens prescription.
  • You should get medical help immediately if your vision gets blurry quickly and/or if you have sudden vision loss.
  • If someone is suspected to have nystagmus, they will likely undergo a CT scan or an MRI to get a scan of the brain.