Use “Select a currency” to choose the cryptocurrency you want to receive. We’ve found one company that’s positioned itself perfectly as a long-term picks-and-shovels solution for the broader crypto market — Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and all the others. In fact, you’ve probably used this company’s technology in the past few days, even if you’ve never had an account or even heard of the company before. This phrase is extremely important, because it’s a readable form of the private keys to your crypto wallet. If you lose access to your wallet, you can still get your crypto back with the recovery phrase. However, if anyone else gets your recovery phrase, they could use it to steal all your crypto.

SafeMoon vs SafeMoon V2

Last and perhaps most importantly, SafeMoon remains a speculative investment with an unproven business model that has yet to experience wide adoption. In certain contexts, SafeMoon may be seen as a “rug pull”, as many investors likely lost lots of money due to the legal ramifications of 2022. This is not to say future performance of SafeMoon may play out the same way; still, a downside of SafeMoon is the historical context of several price volatility leading to losses.

SFM Converter

In our extensive How to Buy Safemoon Guide, we walk you through the process of getting your hands on this popular digital coin. It doesn’t facilitate any automated contracts or decentralized applications, like Ethereum. Taking a wider view, SFM has seen a 1.18% increase in performance in the past week, indicating a sense of stability during this time frame. Nevertheless, the token has encountered more notable obstacles in the past month and year, experiencing declines of 47.08% and 73.37% respectively.

SafeMoon Fraud Allegations and Criticisms

However being constantly online means they are more susceptible to hacks. James is currently Hardware Editor at Rock Paper Shotgun, but before that was Audio Editor at Tom’s Guide, where he covered headphones, speakers, soundbars and anything else that intentionally makes noise. A PC enthusiast, he also wrote computing and gaming news for TG, usually relating to how hard it is to find graphics card stock. That said, it’s been attracting a fair bit of attention of late, so it’s possible that you’ve landed on this page with the intention of investing in it. Tap the “Connect” button on the top-right corner and hit “TrustWallet.” You should see that your Smart Chain tokens are now in PancakeSwap.

SafeMoon Contract Addresses

On Pancake Swap, enter the amount of Binance Coin that you want to trade. Choose “Max” if you want to trade all the Binance Coin in your wallet. After installing Trust Wallet, open it and select “Create a new wallet” (unless you’ve used it before and you already have a wallet). Hot wallets are much more convenient as your information is stored online and can be accessed easily at any moment.

SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) recently upgraded to SafeMoon V2 (SFM) by migrating to a new smart contract. There is now a 100% reflection fee on SAFEMOON (V1), making the token effectively worthless. This will incentivize holders to upgrade to 2.0, however, it is concerning that the team was able change the original contract. There are certainly a lot of risks for a token with “safe” in the name. Since tokens are redistributed proportionally to the amount of SafeMoon token one holds, those with the most tokens earn the most money. Since large holders make a significant amount of money each day, they’re incentivized to sell their rewards and lock in profits.

That said, some online brokers also allow you to profit from the falling prices of Safemoon. If you are following this strategy, then you will be issuing a sell order first to open your position. In this method, you are looking at making regular purchases of Safemoon coins by investing a fixed amount at regular intervals. This will allow you to build your Safemoon portfolio while continuing to follow a bankroll management strategy.

Smaller cryptocurrencies like SafeMoon also might have limited liquidity compared to more established tokens. However, for well-versed cryptocurrency enthusiasts, it’s hard to consider anything on Binance Smart Chain as a DeFi token. Even though BSC is essentially Ethereum but with a few tweaks, it suffers from a huge lack of decentralization. One of the major tweaks it made from the Ethereum code was it only has 21 nodes validating transaction compared to the 10s of thousands of validators on Ethereum. To be a Binance Smart Chain validator, investors must stake millions of dollars of BNB.

Additionally, communication with the  technical development team suggest possible upcoming innovations. SafeMoon has seen its price explode in recent days but there is no guarantee its momentum can continue. As a very new cryptocurrency it has to compete with bitcoin, Dogecoin and many others for investor attention. Paybis is accessible to crypto investors worldwide so using Paybis to invest in SafeMoon is a safe and secure option.

After purchase, the Ether (ETH) coins will be stored in the Ethereum wallet. Compared to the original version, SafeMoon V2 processes transactions at a much lower cost. Additionally, if you hold your SafeMoon tokens on an exchange, you don’t have to switch to the V2 tokens. This is because the exchange handles the migration process and gives an update on the status of the process. Further analysis of Safemoon’s technical indicators uncovers a more complex image. Moving averages indicating a bearish phase are contrasted by oscillators, which provide a variety of signals in the complex market scenario.

These allow you to buy crypto coins by inserting money into the machine. But you will have to account for a high trading commission – usually in the range of 10% or higher. We covered how significant it is to choose a regulated online broker for buying Safemoon. If you plan on holding SafeMoon over the long term, you’ll also benefit from the reflections as you receive a portion of the fee incurred whenever other people sell their tokens. This is a financial incentive you won’t get from holding most other popular cryptocurrencies, where you only make money if the price goes up.

Just like the dot-com bubble, it’s likely that many smaller cryptocurrency projects won’t last in the long term – especially projects with unverified teams that have yet to deliver on their promises. Likely, one of these small projects is SafeMoon, a token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This doesn’t mean it is never a good idea to buy it, it just is unlikely to survive in the long-term. At the time, SafeMoon’s most distinctive feature was that it charged a 10% fee whenever a person sold the token. In other words, if you sold $1,000 of SafeMoon, you would pay a $100 fee on the sale. This ‘sale tax’ was in addition to any fees you may owe a crypto exchange for facilitating the sale.

The assets you purchase will be available for you to withdraw to your private wallet. Safemoon’s mission extends beyond just its market performance to include broader goals of innovation and social impact. By concentrating on decentralized finance (DeFi) and implementing a Venture Philanthropy approach, Safemoon strives to utilize blockchain technology for beneficial purposes. Intentions to grow in centralized exchanges and NFT marketplaces demonstrate a dedication to change and adjustment. With major recognized names and decent market liquidity, it will be easy to exit your position when you need to sell,” he says. Similar to other virtual currencies and digital assets, Safemoon too is a high-risk investment.

  1. However, due to the fluctuations – you can expect the value to be slightly different.
  2. It’s important to use a secure wallet that prevents anyone else from gaining access to it.
  3. Once your identity is confirmed, you can proceed to fund your account to buy Safemoon.
  4. This meant that you had to wait for the funds to process – as these transactions can take up to seven business days to complete.
  5. That said, you will also be able to find online brokers licensed by multiple governing bodies.

With such a high cost to be part of the network, the network is controlled by a few well off Binance Coin holders, including people involved with Binance directly. It’s important to do your research into SafeMoon before deciding to invest. While some SafeMoon enthusiasts still think the project has a chance, most crypto experts, think you should run in the opposite direction of SafeMoon. As with any crypto, if you do decide to take the plunge, treat it as a high-stakes gamble and be prepared to lose all of your money. The easiest method to buy Safemoon is through a regulated online broker. All you need to do is create your account with the platform, add funds and specify how many Safemoon coins you want to buy.

The reason some investors think they’re early investors in SafeMoon is its low token price. SafeMoon can be bought for far under a penny, leading some to think there’s lots of room for the cryptocurrency to grow. However, it’s almost impossible for SafeMoon to reach a penny, much less a dollar. This is because of the immense amount of tokens minted; the initial supply was 1 quadrillion tokens.

Investors/traders favor MetaMask over other wallets because of the simplicity if offers. If you’re interested in Safemoon, this article is your go-to guide to get started with Safemoon. We will provide answers to all of your questions including how to buy safemoon crypto with Trust Wallet to why you should invest in it. If you have an account with Binance, you can purchase Binance Coin there instead.

Investing in cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and other Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) is highly risky and speculative, and the markets can be extremely volatile. Consult with a qualified professional before making any financial decisions. This article is not a recommendation by Investopedia or the writer to invest in cryptocurrencies nor can the accuracy or timeliness of the information be guaranteed. Though some may claim SafeMoon is resistant to manipulation, others note the dramatic volatility and fall of SafeMoon’s price in 2022 as potentially unusual trading behavior. Investors should conduct thorough research before making all investment decisions, including and especially those involve cryptocurrencies. While Safemoon navigates through 2024, the path is still filled with uncertainties but also potential for growth.

Safemoon, the latest addition to the crypto market has often been tagged as the ‘pump-and-dump’ coin. Many crypto industry experts believe that crypto enthusiasts will buy the coins, and ‘pump’ up the price then later ‘dump’ or sell them, resulting in a fluctuating price of the coin in the market. As Safemoon is a recent crypto, there has been a lot of talk about its safety among investors and crypto experts. Safemoon does not work on any background project, which does not build up confidence in investors.

Don’t fall for price bias – if you’re new to crypto, you may want to stick to Bitcoin or Ethereum. Calling these highly speculative, pyramid-scheme-esque cryptocurrencies “shitcoins” doesn’t explain the complete nature of these investments. Instead, “Tik Tok Tokens” better describes the nature of these assets. With Tik Tok influencers promoting cryptocurrencies like SafeMoon, much of this newfound traction can be attributed to SafeMoon’s social media promotions. Cryptocurrency has the same number of users as the internet did in the late 90s.

Also, Ellipal has a software wallet you can download on the app store. The software wallet works alongside the hardware wallet, and it lets you trade cryptocurrencies directly from your application. The Ellipal Titan is currently $30 off on the company’s website, making it a bargain considering all the premium features. If you’re serious about investing in crypto, a hardware wallet is a must.

Support and resistance levels are important reference points for traders as they navigate Safemoon’s price fluctuations. Nevertheless, it is important to be careful as the market conditions could shift quickly. If you’re looking to buy SafeMoon, it isn’t as straightforward as logging into your preferred broker of choice and putting in an order for the cryptocurrency.

The SafeMoon website appeared to be down at the time Newsweek tried to load it. The organization said website issues may occur due to “unexpected” demand. Many crypto enthusiasts are skeptical about Safemoon because it doesn’t have any use cases or advantages over other cryptocurrencies. Over 400 trillion Safemoon tokens have been burned so far, counting the first 223 trillion that were burned before launch. To help support our reporting work, and to continue our ability to provide this content for free to our readers, we receive payment from the companies that advertise on the Forbes Advisor site. Discover the latest crypto insights, news and trading analysis with CoinMarketCap Alexandria.

Pyramid schemes accrue value from additional investors buying in, and without this SafeMoon would fail. Plus, those at the top of the pyramid scheme make much more than those who buy in late. Investors with large amounts of SafeMoon reap huge daily rewards which they can sell on the market to lock in their profits.

After that, you can use the Binance Smart Chain wallet to trade for Safemoon. Safemoon is facing a class action lawsuit with allegations of a pump-and-dump strategy and misleading investors with false and misleading statements. It alleges that Safemoon used celebrity endorsement to artificially inflate the value of the SAFEMOON token. Many crypto traders also utilize a VPN service for added anonymity during crypto trades.

Sign up today for Stock Advisor and get access to our exclusive report where you can get the full scoop on this company and its upside as a long-term investment. The safest option is to buy BTC tokens using an assured exchange like To use PancakeSwap, for instance, you first need to download the Trust Wallet app, then buy BinanceCoins (either BNB or BSC) and add them to the wallet. You then visit PancakeSwap through the Trust Wallet app, find the SafeMoon page and swap your Binance there. Tap on “Connect Wallet.” Tap on “Trust Wallet” and tap on “Trust.” You’ll be prompted to login to your Trust Wallet account.

SafeMoon is a decentralised finance startup that addresses issues present in other major cryptocurrencies. Perhaps most notable, SafeMoon imposes a 10% fee on sellers, half of which is allocated to existing token holders. SafeMoon protocol is a combination of RFI tokenomics and an auto-liquidity generating protocol. According to an article, SafeMoon plans to develop a non-fungible token (NFT) exchange, as well as charity projects and crypto educational apps. With SafeMoon protocol, token holders will earn more SAFEMOON depending on how many coins they have. This can be up to an 80% APY, which is staggering when compared to traditional interest accounts.

To achieve this, use the SafeMoon Swap decentralized application on the Build and Build chain and swap BNB coins for SafeMoon tokens. Then simply hold the tokens to qualify for rewards from transaction fees generated by the platform. With this information in hand, should you still decide SafeMoon is the type of investment best suited for your portfolio, there are crypto exchanges where you can buy SafeMoon. Crypto exchanges are platforms where a diverse ecosystem of cryptocurrencies can be bought or sold. However, investors must understand that not all coins can be bought with fiat but with other coins. One such coin is SafeMoon as it isn’t listed on any centralized exchange that accepts fiat currency.

Only a few months old, its sheer newness also might lead some potential crypto buyers to see it as an unknown quantity. SafeMoon has integrated interoperability into its token, allowing users to bridge their tokens across the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon. Which means that holders of the SafeMoon Token can now seamlessly transfer their tokens between these blockchain networks. There are plenty of reasons you got an error on PancakeSwap, but the most common error when investing in SafeMoon is that your slippage tolerance is too low. Since the token taxes investors when they buy, sell or transact SafeMoon tokens, you’ll need to increase your slippage tolerance to 10% or more to successfully swap your tokens on PancakeSwap. While SafeMoon isn’t definitively scamming investors, it’s tokenomics resemble a pyramid scheme.

The trading volume of SafeMoon (SFM) is $42,775.48 in the last 24 hours, representing a -8.90% decrease from one day ago and signalling a recent fall in market activity. If you are thinking of how to buy Safemoon in the immediate future, it would be best to use one of the methods we have discussed above. When the price lowers, you will close your position using a buy order to make a profit.

If you are still holding pSafeMoon, the pSafeMoon Migration dApp will allow you to automatically, securely and instantly migrate your eligible pSafeMoon tokens to SFM V2 tokens. CRYPTO-SAVVY is an occasional series from Inverse that explains the world of cryptocurrency and where it’s going next. Furthermore, despite the fact that in just two months SafeMoon has appreciated more than the S&P 500 has over the last decade, there is no guarantee that these gains will continue moving forward.

It is recommended to focus on more established and reputable cryptocurrencies instead. On the other hand, today – most online brokers offer a variety of payment methods at your disposal. For instance, these days, you can buy Safemoon using a debit/credit card or even an e-wallet such as PayPal. In simpler terms, your chosen online broker will be responsible for executing the purchase of Safemoon on your behalf. This means that you will be entrusting your funds to the platform and trusting them with the safe storage of your assets.

Little is known about the cryptocurrency so far, though developers have held live Ask Me Anything (AMA) meetings to answer some questions. A new type of cryptocurrency called SafeMoon is gathering interest amongst enthusiasts, search trends show. Safemoon has gotten by on popularity so far, but that’s not a recipe for long-term success. The cryptocurrencies that stick around are the ones that have a specific purpose or have a competitive advantage. Although it started with one quadrillion tokens, the developers burned 223 trillion of those before launch, meaning they destroyed them.

Once your identity is confirmed, you can proceed to fund your account to buy Safemoon. The next step is to complete the Know Your Customer verification process. Regulated beyond technical analysis brokers are required to verify your identity to prevent fraud on the site. Given the volatile nature of Safemoon, this method can help you mitigate the risks.