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About VackerGlobal Cooling

VackerGlobal is the world’s industry leader in the field of drying and dehumidification, with years of live experiences. VackerGlobal and their climate control equipment, services, industrial applications are the pinnacle of expertise
designing and manufacturing high-quality, energy-efficient heating, cooling, drying, and ventilation equipment for a variety of
mobile and stationary applications. The most essential aspects of all goods are the elegant design and variety of the models, functional mechanics and electronics of the machines, silence and efficiency even at low temperatures and humidity resistance,
and low power consumption.

Furthermore, VackerGlobal invests a significant number of resources in product development in order to stay ahead of the competition, and the company’s products are regularly adapted to the changing market demands and legislation.

Products We Sell

Solar Powered Porta Cabins with Air Conditioning and Lighting


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Solar Home Air Conditioners with Panels, Batteries and Controller


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Container Chillers and Freezers – Plug & Play


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Solar Powered Chiller Cold Storage


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Rooftop or Roof Mounted AC

The rooftop air conditioners are mobile equipment designed to offer air conditioning in temporary or mobile structures, tents, or events. Compact units with a steel robust frame make up the FHRT series. The units are designed to be installed outside, with easy ducting for supply and return air. The device can be used for cooling, heating, & / or both.

Roof-mounted AC with Dehumidifier

VackerGlobal air-supply systems provide the low-humidity discharge conditions required to keep the surroundings dry. It’s a straightforward solution to an age-old issue. The rotor of the solid desiccant absorbs moisture from the process air. A second, independent reactivating airstream removes the moisture from the rotor.

Cooling for Transport Assets Such as Bus

VackerGlobal offers a comprehensive selection of lightweight, compact, cost-effective solutions that will ensure a nice temperature regardless of the outside weather to make travel journeys as pleasant as possible, whether by bus, railways, ships, or metros. People on the move can now unwind and enjoy their journeys!

Portable AC–Container & Tent Cooling

VackerGlobal has been a favored provider of field-deployable mobile heating and cooling units for military and humanitarian field camps for more than two decades. The VackerGlobal series has been adopted as a NATO standard, and we are known for our extensive knowledge all around the world.

Portable AC–Commercial & Industrial

A selection of portable air conditioning monoblocks with capacities ranging from low to high. With a cooling capacity of up to 40000 BTU/h, these tools are powerful and dependable. High-capacity portable air conditioning units with an external unit can be placed up to 30 meters from the central body.

Cooling for Commercial Cold Rooms

Benefit from our extensive knowledge base, as well as the experience and expertise we’ve earned through selling cold room climate control products and systems around the globe. A cold room is a refrigeration chamber or insulated space that is used to maintain a controlled temperature or temperature range.

Portable AC–Home & Office Cooling

VackerGlobal’s portable air conditioners have a lot of advantages and possibilities for cooling down your home or office, and they don’t require any specific installation. Enjoy a pleasant interior temperature to improve your mood and performance!

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Our Values


We invest in our polymers and are very open about the product development process in order to generate a product that is groundbreaking in every way possible.


We are capable of producing distinctive products with the use of high-performing materials and processes.


Because of our in-depth knowledge, expertise in polymers alongside our rich and unique resources, we are as flexible as possible.


We are driven to create new solutions for every complicated project and innovative goods to ease your living and double up your productivity.

About Us

VackerGlobal is providing air engineering solutions for almost 10 years. Our products and services are available across the world including the USA, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. VackerGlobal is involved in all kinds of sensors, measuring instruments, monitoring systems, and control solutions for temperature, humidity & pressure. We are an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 certified company trusted by multinational companies.

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